ANAYAK Model HVM 3300 Heidenhain TNC 426 PB

CNC Bed Type Milling Machine

Installed November 2000
X = 2700mm stroke Y = 1200mm stroke Z = 1460mm stroke
Siemens Spindle 1PH7-163-2NF = 30-41kW power output 3,000RPM with 2-speed gearbox Uprated Head, steel backplate, fixing capscrews Universal B/C axes manual head with position readout to 0.001deg.
Heidenhain TNC426 PB control with 2.3 Gb hard disk Handwheel
Through spindle coolant 15 bar high-pressure
Ethernet Card Pendant arm for controller Air Conditioned Electrical Cabinet 5-year, Linear Scales XYZ 10m/min feedrates Siemens drives to axes 43KVA Installed Power
30 tonnes m/c weight
  PRICE: On Application